Logistic Research & Trading Co.
P. O. Box 63
St. Joseph,  Michigan 49085
Logistic Research & Trading Co. is a small
firm built on big ideas.

We have expertise in Economics, Finance,
Mathematics, and Statistics, which we deliver
to our clients on a consulting basis and in an
instructional context as well.

This firm was  organized in 1994 to trade
commodity futures and options. Joel Gibbons,
the owner, had previously been both a
professor of mathematics and of economics,
and the head of government trading at a large
investment management firm in Chicago.
The firm continues to trade its proprietary
capital but it does not at this time solicit
customer accounts.

In recent years our principal commitment has
been a series of books on the modern world,
published under the series title
Hidden in the Headlines.
At the present time the first four numbers are
available. Check them out on
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Joel C Gibbons
    New Essay on the Future of Gold:
Footsteps toward a Gold Standard

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school or library or organization.
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We've been busy, which explains the dearth of
new essays and interviews. The product is
cluster of new findings in geometry.
"(n+3)-Coloring the n-Sphere"
"A Final Note of Circle-preserving
Functions of the n-Sphere"

a third component not yet named.
For the mathematically inclined, write for copies