Joel Clarke Gibbons is the owner and president of Logistic Research & Trading Co.

He founded Logistic Research in 1994 as a registered Commodity Trading Advisor.
The firm signed its first advisory clients in August of 1994. Since 1999 the firm has
traded its own proprietary capital only, and it does not solicit client accounts at this

Prior to starting Logistic Research. Mr. Gibbons worked on LaSalle Street for a
dozen years, finishing as a bond trader and bond strategist of Harris Bank, where
he was a vice president. While at Harris he created the Logit Interest Rate Model,
which was used at the bank to anticipate strategic shifts in Treasury yields.

He holds two doctoral degrees. He graduated in 1970 with a doctorate in
mathematics from Northwestern University, and in 1979 took a doctorate in
economics from the Graduate School of Business of the University of Chicago. He
taught for eight years in the business school of Illinois Institute of Technology.

He has lectured extensively to both scholarly and industry audiences.
He has published research in economics, finance, mathematics, and statistics. Among his research articles are

The S&P 500 Universe: Volatility and Trend Regimes, Journal of Index Investing, winter 2011.
The Wholesale Power Markets, which was published recently (Nov, 2008) by Public Utility Reports.
The Optimal Durability of Fixed Capital When Demand is Uncertain, Journal of Business, July 1984
Energy Prices and Capital Obsolescence: Evidence from the Oil Embargo Period, The Energy Journal, Spring 1984
Finite Partitions of Spheres, Journal of Combinatorial Theory, Series A, Sept 1982.

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