Timely Research
World Futures Conference: Presentations
Short Courses:
Rethinking the Headlines
Chicago Math
Practical Pensees
a set of short essays on current events
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Short Essays on Law And Society:
One Nation under God
Christian Nation
Welcome to the Ghetto
Lord of Mercy
Love Thyself
The Value of Truth
On the Image of God
National Health and Food Stamps
Strictly Economics:
Too Big to Fail
The Long History of Household Borrowing
Trust, Risk, and Regulation
Why Even Have Depressions?
Dealing with the Recession
Homosexuality: the Essence of Nazism. An essay by
Michael Johnson on the roots of nazism in
Mit Brenender Sorge. The last enecyclical of Pius XI,
condemning nazism.
Guest Editorial
Professor Robert George: God and Gettysburg.
He explains that the phrase "One nation under god"
comes from the Gettysburg Address.